Young drone operator Gordon ushers in a new generation of Promil-gifted kids

By CNN Philippines Staff


Learn how this 6-year-old Promil Gifted Kid aims to fly high and save the environment with drones.

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — While kids of his age are interested in singing, dancing, and acting, almost by default, six-year-old Gordon has found a unique path, upwards to the forever sky, with a drone.


Indeed, it’s no easy task for a kid to operate a drone. One needs to maintain line of sight, navigate a three-dimensional space or possess spatial visualization, and use hand-eye coordination. This is where proper nutrition and stimulation to their chosen field come in.


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Apart from being guided by his father, his parents nurtured his gifted brain with a balanced diet along with Promil that has clinically proven nutrients such as MOS+ and DHA that help double up brain development. When kids consume milk with MOS+, they get many health benefits, including a potential lower risk of infection when interacting with bacteria or viruses. DHA, meanwhile, is an omega-3 fatty acid found in fish like salmon that helps improve learning ability.


Now among a new generation of Promil Gifted Kids, Gordon has caught the eye of many after seeing him fly and operate drones in a TV commercial.


Shot at the Marikina Sports Center, Gordon joined the DroneTech Philippines in lighting up the night sky with colorful drones forming the shape of a kid’s nurtured brain.


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“We had so much fun working with him and can’t wait to light up more skies with him! We know you’ll shine brighter, Gordon,” the drone operators’ group posted on their Facebook page.


With the help of his dad, Gordon learned how to fly a drone when he was two years old. He candidly shared that he had repeatedly crashed his drone on trees but claims his dad crashed the drones more times than he did. But now, he already knows how to land the drone smoothly on his hand.


“My daddy taught me which buttons to push and if I don’t know what to do, I just trim,” Gordon said. Drone trim refers to adjusting the yaw, pitch, roll, and throttle on the drone using the buttons on the transmitter, a feat for this awesome kid.


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Inspired by his favorite superhero Iron Man, Gordon hopes to use drones in cleaning our seas. He also wants to help farmers by using drones to help spray fertilizers to nurture crops.


“I keep hearing that the oceans are getting polluted by trash. That’s why I want to stop it and take all the garbage out of the sea and teach everyone that no putting trash in the ocean (sic)”, he said.


Watch how Gordon flies a drone below.


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