Promil Four's New Nutrigift System


A strong immune system helps our kids exercise their gifts to the best of their abilities. With double the immunity*** offered by PROMIL® FOUR’s NEW NutriGift System™ with MOS+**, children can make most of their gifts.

Proper nutrition for your preschooler ensures that their bodies and minds will grow and develop well. The NEW NutriGift System™ has MOS+, with 37 brain and immunity nutrients to help nurture the gift.

MOS+ has milk oligosaccharides, proven to double the immune** response in children. MOS+ is scientifically formulated to nurture the gift, and comes from the best of Wyeth Nutrition Research!

Check out this video to find out more about the NEW PROMIL® FOUR.

Double the Immunity to Nurture the Gift**

With proper nutrition, your 3 year old can shine bright than ever. Practice double the songs, create double the masterpieces, and perform double the dance moves!

Learn about MOS+**

*vs. Previous PROMIL® FOUR formulations
**MOS, milk oligosaccharides
***Study conducted among infants